Here are some examples of the final year work by students who are


now graduates from PVD -


You can find further examples in Edition magazine


Olivia Payne 2011
Asma Elbadawi 2012
Sam O'Neill 2012
Efpraxia Karekla 2012
Julie Hepworth 2012
Loz Waite 2012
Ruth Winter 2012
Ben Johnson 2011
Bex Cabon 2011
Cindy Godoy 2011
Lara Cowan 2011
Savvas Challoumas 2012

Where are they now?

We have many graduates from both our BA (Hons) Photography, Video & Digital Imaging, and our MA Photography. Here are some links to web-sites that they are involved with. There are a range of different types of practitioners, gallery sites, art events and more.

Esme Fletcher