MA Photography

Post-graduate study

If you have already completed an undergraduate course in Photography or a related subject, and would like to progress to Masters level study, then our MA Photography is the course for you.

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MA Photography can be studied full-time from September to December (15 months) or part-time, September to December (27 months). The course is 2/3rds practical, during which you will develop and undertake at least one substantial body of work, and 1/3rd theoretical, during which you will consider the critical theory relevant to your practice.

Sophie Ingleby

Sophie Ingleby Known/Unknown 2010


At MA level there are 3 stages, Certificate, Diploma and Masters. On the MA Photography you will be developing your research at Certificate level, expanding your portfolio at diploma stage and exhibiting at masters level.


Emilia's Kingdom

Juliet Chenery Robson Emilia's Kingdom 2008

You consider the relevant critical context of photographic practice throughout the course, underpinning your dissertation, which supports your final practical work at masters level.

Juliet Chenery Robson

Juliet Chenery Robson Unpredicatable Patterns 2008

Students will be encouraged to develop their own skills as they address technological, practical and theoretical questions.

Richard Glynn

Richard Glynn Bowes Balcony 2009

The final exhibition by all students is held in the NGCA (Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art) which requires students to place their work in a professional context and work alongside the curator to bring together this professional exhibition, and supporting publicity/catalogue etc.

Amanda Kennington

Amanda Kennington from the series Telling Tales 2006

The development of new ideas, conceptual strategies and an understanding of the broader debates surrounding photographic practice are all a very important part of the programme. A diversity of approach within photography in recognition of the changing nature of the discipline is encouraged.

Corinne Lewis

Corinne Lewis from the series Transmutations 2008


Diya Luximon

Diya Luximon, I am Peter 2006.



Marie Bennett, Dining Room. 2006.