Specialist black & white darkroom

There are a wide range of facilities at Sunderland, including chemical darkrooms for both colour printing and black & white, Digital darkrooms for scanning and digital production and printing, studios equipped with Tungsten and Flash lighting kits and specialist equipment for use. You will have the opportunity to print from 35mm to 5x4 and a large horizontal enlarger to enable you to create extra large prints.

photo studio

Our cameras range from 35mm to 5x4, Nikon D80/D90/D700/D800 digital cameras, Leaf digital backs for medium format cameras, and Sony video cameras. There is support for studio and location work with accessories ranging from lighting kits to portable flash, meters and cable releases. Plus we have skilled and helpful technicians who can assist you when required.





photos by Kate Routledge 2012


It is important that you have the opportunity to use a range of different equipment chemical and digital, to test out the capabilities of each area, your own strengths and weaknesses, and to be able to make informed decisions about your own production. The photographic facilities are own throughout the academic year, and students have access on demand, once they have the skills base in each area. Our specialist technicians are there to assist you with any technical problems or concerns.

We have a range of open access computer suites with specialist software and hardware for photography, video editing and digital and web based work. The specialist computers are Mac's and through our digital darkroom you can access top-of-the-range scanners to convert your negatives or transparencies into digital files.

Our Arts and Design library has one of the best photography sections in the UK, and helpful staff will assist you to get the most from this exceptional library.