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The North East Photography Network is based at the University of Sunderland and offers a range of activities and opportunities for people based in the North East and involved with critically engaged photography. The network runs a web site (, there are a series of free talks currently being given at the Mining Institute in Newcastle, a symposium and portfolio weekend in March 2010 and a photographic commission, which is being co-hosted by Locus +.

NEPN is co-funded by University of Sunderland and Arts Council of England, North East.

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Screen shot from March 2010


The visiting speakers have included -

Simon Norfolk
Rosy Martin
John Davies
Helen Sear
Peter Kennard & Cat Phillipps
Paul Seawright
Jem Southam
Sarah Pickering
Susanna Brown - V&A
Camilla Brown - Photographers Gallery
Malcolm Dickson - Streetlevel
Greg Hobson - National Media Museum
Marc Prust - curator, Paris
Lauren Heinz - Photo8 magazine
Patrick Henry - Open Eye
Alessandro Vincentelli - Baltic
Alistair Robinson - NGCA

The Network provides opportunities for events and discussion about and around photography, for those people in the region who are interested in critically engaged contemporary practice.