Rob Hornstra

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Rob Hornstra

Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra undertook a commission in Iceland, hosted by the National Museum of Iceland.

‘Roots of the Runtur’ and is a social documentary piece depicting workers in the fishing industry, now an industry of mass production rather than traditional craft.   No longer attractive to the Icelandic youth, Eastern European and Asian migrant workers take up jobs in this industry, while Icelanders leave the fishing towns desolate.  The story is told through portraits of the workers and portrayal of the common teenage night-time activity of the Runtur – driving a car around in circles, which seems to symbolise the hopelessness and monotony of life in these remote parts of Iceland.

‘Roots of the Runtur’ has been exhibited in the UK, Greece, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Rob Hornstra Roots of the Runtur limited edition artists’ book is now out of print, signed copies may be available at: