Kate Mellor

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British photographic artist Kate Mellor visited Slovakia in 2004 where she was hosted by Dom Fotografie and spent 8 weeks photographing socialist housing, built in uniform grid formations, seemingly anomalous in their rural landscapes.
Kate was interested to explore the interiors of the housing, the domestic space of socialist workers in which people took great pride in their own personality, culture and traditions being displayed.  Mellor took a series of long exposures within different apartments, so that the occupants are seen as a blur and the concentration is drawn to the environments. Visually drawn to the traditional fabrics worn by both young and old within their traditional dress, Mellor embedded her images into pieces of textile.

The body of work she produced ‘Panelak’ was exhibited in Slovakia at Dom Fotografie and at beam in Wakefield and was published in ‘Work in Progress’ ISBN: 1-873757-75-1.