Ulrich Gebert

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Ulrich Gebert

Ulrich Gebert was commissioned in 2006 to make new work in Spain, hosted by Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

His work focuses on representing the labour conditions of African migrant workers during the orange harvest in Valencia, who gather every day in the twilight, waiting to be sorted and registered by temping agencies.  The images show the vibrant valuable commodities in the plantations, interspersed with fragments of the harsh reality for workers and their unfulfilled desires for better lives, as in Franz Kafka’s unfinished final novel ‘Amerika’, from which the work consciously takes its title.

Work from the ‘Amerika’ series was published in FOAM magazine issue 16, http://www.foammagazine.nl/portfolio?foto=51 and in the book ‘Amerika’ published by Kerber Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-86678-085-9

‘Amerika’ has been exhibited in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Spain.